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U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc., is a national private mortgage buyer specializing in buying Owner Financed income streams as well as Deeds of Trust, privately held commercial mortgages (that include real estate) and Land Contracts. (Closings in as little as 10 Days). Interested in a Lump Sum of Cash Now from a friendly, professional firm instead of waiting years to receive the money from the sale of your property?

“I really enjoyed working with Ron. He was available all the time, even on weekends. He always called me back promptly when I missed him. His availability made selling my monthly payments much easier. He did what he said he would do and he dit it when he said he would. I would highly recommend him and his company.” Jane P., Austin, TX More Testimonials

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Despite what the Federal Government tells us, the blue line on the chart below shows why now is a good time to sell a private mortgage. At a real inflation rate of almost 10%, what will your payments really be worth in 15, 20 or 30 years?

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There are many good reasons to sell your monthly real estate payments resulting from owner financing the sale of a property. Here are just a few:

  • Capitalize on a lucrative business opportunity
  • Buy Foreclosed Real Estate for pennies on the dollar
  • Eliminate high interest or other debt
  • Estate planning
  • Simply to eliminate the risks and hassles of holding the financial instrument

So why would you choose U.S. Funding Solutions as your Mortgage Note Buyer? We pride ourselves on paying the highest price in the industry. Also, we conduct ourselves in a friendly professional manner and have the ability to fund your deal quickly.

We buy in all states except Michigan. We are buyers of real estate income streams, deeds of trust, mobile home notes with real estate, commercial income streams, land contracts, and contract for deeds. To Find Out How Much You can sell your income stream For, call today for a free quote.

5 Owner Financing No Nos

Unfortunately, by the time I see an owner financed situation, it is to buy it and too late to help the seller. But for those that are looking at seller financing, below are 5 things you need to watch out for in structuring a seller financed transaction.

1. Accepting a very low or worse no down payment. This does two things. First, it means the buyer has no ‘skin in the game’ and might walk from the property during rough times. Secondly, an income stream purchaser will apply a much higher discount rate due to the perceived risk.

2. Allowing a very long amortization period. Again, this makes the discount much higher than shorter amortization periods. It also means you will wait a long time to get your money.

3. Giving the borrower a very low interest rate. This is even worse than a long amortization period. Believe it or not but I’ve seen numerous notes that carry an interest rate of zero percent, not good. So what interest rate to use when owner financing? I would not go below 7% coupled with an amortization period of 15 years or less..

4. Not using a good real estate attorney to handle the closing. This could result in legal documents that might not be enforceable should you ever have to foreclose or cash out your payment stream.

5. Lastly, not making the borrower bring their homeowner’s insurance policy to closing.

And here’s a bonus watch out. Not monitoring the property taxes to be sure the borrower keeps them current. I hope these tips help.



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Great Pricing - Call and Get Quotes From Other Purchasers and Then Call Us. For Situations That Fit Our Goals, We Nearly Always Offer A Much Higher Price


Available 7 Days a Week

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For An Quote Request Click The Link Below

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1. What are the criteria for how much I will receive for my payments? There are 4 main factors. They are: Equity in the property, seasoning (how long the borrower has been making payments), the interest rate and lastly the credit of the borrower.

2. Will a purchaser require an appraisal? It will depend on the property type and amount of equity. We often just get a Realtor's estimate of value.

3. Will you need to check the borrower's creditscores? Yes, it is a very important factor for an investor in determining the lump sum payment to you.

4. Are you mobile home payment purchasers? Yes, if they include the land.

5. Can I sell a Land Contract? Yes.

6. What if I don't know the credit of the borrower? We will quote you an estimated lump sum settlement based on your best guess and adjust (up or down) the final payment after credit is pulled.

7. Are you also commercial mortgage note buyers? Yes.

8. What if I needed a certain amount of money? Can I sell a portion of my monthly payments to get what I want? Absolutely. Selling a certain number of your future payments is often the best deal for you.

9. Can I sell a Contract for Deed? Yes, you sure can.

10. What will be the discount on my future payments? This can vary significantly. The best way to learn this is by requesting a quote.

11. How long before I receive my cash when I sell? It usually takes around 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.



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If You're Thinking About Privately Financing The Sale Of Your Home, Then You Must Read This

As a real estate payment stream purchaser I continue to be surprised at not only the terms of many owner financed sales but the pretty lax way they were allowed to be created. And while I do understand how a anxious home (or commercial property) seller could easily fall into the 'I'll do anything to sell my home' pitfall, many of these tips won't effect the purchase but will still help protect a newly created financial asset .

Following are some basic steps you should want to consider taking when owner financing to 1) Form a more valuable and marketable financial instrument, should you ever need to sell the income stream and 2) Better protect yourself from future losses and/or irritations.

1. Require at least a 10% down payment, even if it has to be in multiple installments. A home purchaser with no "skin in the game", as seen by the default rate on one hundred percent traditional home loans is a much more serious risk than one with significant money on the line.
2. Pull credit on the buyer. Should you are unable to pull yourself, require the borrower to provide you with a credit report from all 3 bureaus with all 3 bureau scores. Keep a copy of the report, particularly if you plan on selling the private mortgage down the road. Even if you don't turn a purchaser down because of less than pristine credit because you really have to sell, you can often use the below par creditscores to get a higher interest rate. And don't forget, there may be legitimate reasons for the problems with their credit such as the loss of a job or a serious illness. Did you know that medical expenses are the number one driver of Bankruptcies in this country? Even people with good income can be wiped out if they have no insurance. I've run into many people that had health insurance take a serious hit to their credit scores due to their health insurance company dragging out payments.
3. Use a good lawyer or title company to handle the closing and be sure the documents are in order. A payment seller approached me the other day to get a lump sum for his payment stream, only to find out the note had a "non transfer" clause. You have control over this process. Be sure the documents is created in your favor.

By taking these steps when owner financing a home or commercial property sale, you dramatically reduce your chances of a financial loss in the future.

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